writing the thesis

I have written a number of posts related to thesis writing. Many of these posts are connected with the book, Helping doctoral students write: pedagogies for supervision (Kamler and Thomson, 2006, now being updated for 2013). Some of them are rehearsals of ideas for a new academic writing book written for doctoral researchers (to be published in 2014).

Here are some of the most popular posts:

Is there a format for a thesis?

Writing the thesis from day one is risky.

How not to fail the PhD

Literature reviews:
Why do doctoral researchers get asked to read so much?

Thinking about the literatures:

the collective and inner library

Blank and blind spots and appreciative critique

Why it is helpful to read out of your area

Beginning the literature review:
Taking notes
Finding patterns and groups

My own blogging research project literature review as a work in progress:
(1) scoping
(2) mapping
(3) noting
(4) focusing in
(5) dealing with details in literature reviewing

Mess in research

Writing about mess in the research: part one and part two

Three stages of empirical analysis

Thinking about theory

Research as argument

The thesis conclusion:
Part One: What has to go in the conclusion?
Part Two: getting organised to write the conclusion

Can I get a book from my PhD?

Writing from the PhD:
Letting go
The publishing plan

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  4. This is really an awesome post. I really appreciate your all post which you have mentioned here. Hope i could get lot of information through this blog. Keep posting. Thanks!

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